Video: Panel Discussion 10 May 2016

Common Ground held a one day conference at the University of Manchester on 10 May 2016 and made possible through the generous support of artsmethods and North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership. The day was aimed at building dialogue and exploring relationships between academic researchers and communities who are the subject of research in Ireland, mainly focusing on experiences in the North and Border counties. The day began with a panel discussion to explore the question ‘Northern Ireland – Over-researched and Misunderstood?’ The panel included:

  • Pauline Hadaway, Chair (Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester)
  • Chris Gilligan, Discussant (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of West Scotland)
  • Sheelagh Colclough, Discussant (Belfast-based Collaborative Arts Practitioner)
  • Roger Mac Ginty, Discussant (Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manchester)
  • Dr. Laurence McKeown, Discussant (Playwright, Socially Engaged Artist and Filmmaker)

This video was filmed and edited by Dan Clayton, Documentary Filmmaker.